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The Orange County Herb Society meets in the Quilt Room
at the Heritage Museum in Santa Ana on the first Sunday of the month at 1:00 pm.

The Heritage Museum is located at:
3101 West Harvard Street Santa Ana, CA 92704

405 Fwy Northbound and Southbound - Exit onto Fairview and head north. Turn left (west) on Harvard.

55 Fwy Northbound - Exit onto Warner and head west. Turn right (north) on Fairview, then left (west) on Harvard.

55 Fwy Southbound - Exit onto Edinger and head west. Turn left (south) on Fairview, then right (west) on Harvard.

22 Fwy Eastbound - Exit onto Fairview and head south. Turn right (west) on Harvard.

22 Fwy Westbound - Exit onto Haster, turning left (south) at the end of the offramp. Turn left (east) on Garden Grove and go under the freeway. Then turn right (south) on Fairview, and finally right (west) on Harvard.

FINDING THE QUILT ROOM If this is your first time attending the OCHS, then finding the quilt room may be a tiny bit difficult. However, if you park in the back of the museum then it is a short walk from the parking area. To park in the back (if you turned onto Havard from Fairview) , pass the main museum parking and continue to the end of the black wrought iron fence. Turn right into the driveway / gate near the end of the black wrought iron fence. Drive the short road behind the museum to the back parking area. From the parking area the quilt room is a white building with french doors and a large stainless steel sink out front. It is to the right the rest rooms. However, sometimes we are moved to another room, so check the carriage house room to the left of the restrooms, or the two story gray building to the left of the lavender house or the patio tables near the quilt room or the wood tower (gift shop). Guests are always welcome.

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